1.3 Status

While 1.3.1 will be officially released tomorrow, the server will not be using it yet. There currently doesn’t exist a craftbukkit build that supports 1.3 (not even a development build). That means it’ll be probably a few days before we can transition to the new version of Minecraft on the server. That also means that when it asks you SHOULD NOT update your Minecraft before then, unless you know what you’re doing and can switch back and forth. Otherwise, you won’t be able to play on the FinalScore server until we update as well.

UPDATE (Aug 4)
People are testing early builds of craftbukkit now. There’s still some major stability issues, but fortunately it hasn’t stopped many plugin developers from updating their plugins. Unfortunately it would only take one critical plugin to be broken for it to delay us from updating the server to 1.3.1. I’m specifically waiting for an R1 release for craftbukkit. (that’s a ‘recommended build’, though the first one is always beta) After that I’ll begin testing and preparing the server.

UPDATE (Aug 6)
I did my first pass of testing and after updating 17 of 35 plugins everything seems to be starting up correctly. I have yet to test critical features, but craftbukkit is still working on resolving some major performance issues.

UPDATE (Aug 7)
We’re getting really close now. R1.0 was released. I was tempted to rush through and test the last bits so that I could try updating right now, but the login servers were down so I couldn’t test and there’s still a couple things that I hope get done. So I’ll be aiming for late tuesday night if all goes smoothly. Keep in mind that things will still be buggy and lower performing, just hopefully nothing important. I’ll do my best to work around issues as they present themselves, as I did with previous updates.

13 comments on “1.3 Status

    1. Alphareus

      noob question: I know craftbukkit is a mod of some sort, but A) what (basically) does it do, and B) would it benefit me to download a version for myself, or is it intended for server admin(s)?

      1. PseudoKnight Post author

        It’s a modified server application that has a bunch of hooks in it (API) that allows developers to write additional functionality to the game in the form of modular plugins.

      1. Tweekx

        Yeah, sadly I lack the 1.2.5 jar, first time having to deal with an update for minecraft. Looks like I’m going to have to play some of the summer sale games I bought while I wait for the server update. Thanks for the help though.

  1. PseudoKnight Post author

    The first build came out an hour or two ago. That’s something! We still have to wait for stability of craftbukkit and possible plugin compatibility issues to be ironed out.

      1. PseudoKnight Post author

        I’d wait until the first RB (which is technically a beta build of craftbukkit, but they name it an RB for people on hosts that don’t allow anything but RBs) before testing TOO much, but making modifications for things you know are changed would be worthwhile. However, I plan on seeing how our exact configuration works on a test server later today.

        1. Coder J

          Doesn’t hurt to try…

          EggDamage appears to still work; putting some debugs in to check.

          CartDispense is a little messed up, but this could be because of late compile fix to dispensers. Will check again later today.

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