Pit Frenzy Tournament

Let the games begin!

You can go to the arenas by using the command /pitfrenzy 1 or 2. (WARNING: This clears your inventory!) Anyone can spectate the matches by using the command /watchpitfrenzy 1 or 2. (This leaves your inventory intact. Use /watchpitfrenzy exit to go back to the Stargate.)


These apply to both Upper Bracket and Lower Bracket match wins.

  • COIN ROUND: 100 coins (will be used in the future for fun things)
  • IRON ROUND: 64 Iron Ingots
  • GOLD ROUND: 64 Gold Ingots
  • DIAMOND ROUND: 64 Diamonds
  • GRAND FINALS: Choice of one game from the following: Portal 2, Sanctum, Shoot Many Robots, Anomaly: Warzone Earth, and The Ship. This prize requires a Steam account. The following players are ineligible for this prize: CoderJ, Scottyd_Utah. If these players win, the grand prize will be given to the runner-up.


  • Official schedule runs from 4-8pm PDT (7-11pm EDT), but matches can be played whenever the two players are available. It’s preferable that another person spectates the match, though. (Moderators should be available)
  • Right click a bed before starting to set your respawn point.
  • You should jump in the lava before each round. This is good for both players as not only does it cleanly remove inventory, but it also resets hunger saturation properly.
  • After the opponent dies, the player must hit the purple reset button to claim victory. If the player dies before he can, the round is tied.
  • Each match consists of a best-of-3 rounds. First player to win two rounds wins the match.
  • This is a double elimination bracket. You’re only eliminated from the tournament after two match losses. After the first loss, a player proceeds to the Lower Bracket matches.
  • If you hold up the tournament without word from you, we may forfeit your match (or possibly replace you in the bracket if it’s in the first round).


Lower Bracket

Coin Round

sydneef vs corndogsunite

Iron Round

wadefur vs noved17
Encryptic vs CoderJ

Full Bracket

2 comments on “Pit Frenzy Tournament

  1. PseudoKnight Post author

    We got enough people on Friday with some bracket juggling, but Saturday was pretty weak and today is looking the same. (plenty of people, but not enough matched pairs) Because of the rate of no-shows, it looks like the tournament is going to extend into the rest of the week. Since there is no scheduled hours for those days, we’ll finish the matches as we can. There’s still a few hours left for today, though.

  2. PseudoKnight Post author

    Since we slowed down, I no longer had a rule in place for a player to completely disappear (as the previous rule no longer applied). As such, if a player hasn’t signed on in a week, I’ll consider it a forfeit.

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