Starring PseudoKnight in Coder’s Demise

With Encryptic & Ohio4h on the mic.

That section is probably the hardest in the course.
The course will be moved to Custom world and be accessible on the Entertain Stargate network when it rotates out of the Event Lot next week.

9 comments on “Starring PseudoKnight in Coder’s Demise

  1. PseudoKnight

    Hah, I love it when my face pops out of the mask and shows the raised eyebrow. I’m still upset about that gold block randomly not staying out on my first try there.

  2. Coder J

    heh heh, yeah, that happened to me a few times; between that and another trap seems random they won’t stay ‘safe’ for the right time. Still good fun… although my own face staring down at me is a little unnerving 😉

  3. Coder J

    I’ve done it a few times; then again, I’ve also died…. a lot. Totally worth it, though. Kind of that, “OMG, I am so awesome for doing it!” feeling Portal 2 gives you.

  4. PseudoKnight

    I’ve done it twice. I actually finished it for the second time on the attempt following the video’s end.

    It’s interesting how some people really enjoy stuff like this and others are utterly frustrated by them. It’s too bad, because despite my exclamations in the video above, I had a great time. I’m not a big fan of the “pick a door” death traps, though. I’ll take jumping challenges over those any day, even though I’d die 10x more on them.

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