Status Update

As most know, we’re waiting for Bukkit to support 1.0 with a stable version. After that I’ll bring back the Plaza and Final City worlds, all the nice plugins, and your previous personal inventories. (which will overwrite your current temporary inventories — including experience points — so save things in chests before you log out) When 1.8 was released, Bukkit took eight days to offer a stable release for it. As of now, it’s been 14 days for 1.0 support. This is too long, so I’m drawing a line of cobblestone here. If Bukkit doesn’t have a recommended build by Monday, I’ll install the development version. There may be a few bugs, but we’ve weathered those before.

Once we have Bukkit installed again, I’m going to start a new thing where I’ll install a different temporary fun plugin each week. People seemed to really enjoy the costumes during Halloween, so they’ll be in that vein. While these will be by default “temporary” plugins, some of them may be okay for a permanent place on our server, which will be determined by votes and/or enthusiasm for each plugin.

As for the current world, due to the length of the wait, we’ll be keeping it. (but in what state, I’m unsure) As always, I encourage people NOT to wander in one direction for too long. That makes world management cumbersome. Since we’ll have three “primary” worlds, I’ll be working on new interesting ways to connect them, as well as more ways to differentiate them. I may need your opinions on that later.

Speaking of differentiating worlds, we need to give them proper names. Submit below some suggestions for world names and I’ll put them up for vote soon. As an example, here’s my proposal:

  • “Alpha” (first world w/ Plaza)
  • “Delta” (second world w/ Final City)
  • “Gamma” (third/last world)

6 comments on “Status Update

    1. PseudoKnight Post author

      Creeper explosion size is the same regardless of difficulty setting. Difficulty mostly only changes the amount of damage they do to you.

      I’ve considered ways to tame creeper damage, but outside of region protection, nothing has stuck thus far.

  1. Tandoro

    I figure why not just call the Final City world “Final City”. The name won’t force you into anything, but it’s the world we have the big server project on, and can do more.
    I’m not sure what the other worlds would fit into such a naming scheme. Maybe ‘Classic’ and ‘OMG Monsters keep eating me!” (That’s most of my experience on the 1.0 world)

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