Minecraft 1.0 + Bukkit!

We now have our fully-featured server back! It’s been over two weeks since we took the 1.0 adventure. It’s been fun, yet frustratingly long due to the extended Bukkit development that locked us out of our former worlds and features. I don’t know about you, but I vote we don’t do that again. Heh.

Let me know if you have any bugs that I need to look at. You can contact me immediately on Steam as “PseudoKnight”, or you can comment here and I’ll eventually get to it within the day.

You can get to the world we’ve been living in recently by using the “Worlds” Stargates at respective world centers. (Plaza, FinalCity) The latest world is named “OtherWorld” until we decide what to name our worlds.

I should note that The End shouldn’t work yet. I’ll fix that as soon as Multiverse updates.

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