Dynmap is back! (and other stuff)

DynMap (live map) is now installed and configured for both worlds. I might use it in conjunction with WorldGuard to designate regions where people can help in the city. Check it out.

I enabled per-world homes. Each time you /sethome inside a world, it’ll allow you to teleport back to that location with the /home command, but only within that world. You can also visit other people’s homes with /home [name].

Stargates are defined now in 5, 6, and 7-wide configurations using glowstone and obsidian. You may see these configurations in various locations now. All you need to do to make one is create the ring as designed, then place a sign in the same spot. Write the gate name on the first line, then the gate network name on the third line. It’ll create the button for you and tell you it’s working. Now just right click the sign to find your destination gate and click the button.

Example 6-wide design:

There have been a few plugin casualties though. Timefold and MCStats both seem to be broken to the point of uselessness, until updated.

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