Added OtherDrops

Currently OtherDrops is set to drop apples for normal trees (5% chance) and cocoa beans from birch trees (5% chance). My goal with this plugin is mostly to allow people to get items that are otherwise unattainable. Let me know if you have any ideas.

All drops I’ve added:
– 5% chance of an apple from a leaf block
– 5% chance of a cocoa beans from birch tree leaf block
– 1% chance for golden apple from regular tree
– bookshelves drop bookshelves
– sponge can sometimes break in two
– 10% chance a cave spider will drop web instead of string
– 11% chance pig zombies will drop a gold ingot
– 10% chance a pumpkin will break and give you 3-5 seeds instead
– right-clicking a diamond or iron block with a damaged diamond or iron item will repair that item for one diamond or iron ingot (50% resource efficiency increase)

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