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    Hey all G_Oakmen here, with some news about What. We’ve recently been accepted as the youngest and I believe second established city on the server. We are in no respects a large city with only six residents (Myself, TomCaruth, Madeleinejane, Plainlazywill, ZXFEAR and Nathanmac998).
    We recently acquired a shop on the top floor of the stone brick market in which each of us will have an individual chest shop, so please come and check it out.

    Now onto What itself, located in the south-east corner of the map it’s a long walk from spawn (Take it from me I was one of the settlers who first established our presence in the What area). But there are easier more efficient ways of reaching us, we have a stargate on the central network entitled “What” and now thanks to PseudoKnight accepting us as a city you can reach us by using the “/warp what” command.

    In What we are essentially a small residential city with a small market, four of our residents currently have shops in the market (myself, Plainlazywill, Madeleinejane and ZXFEAR). We hope you visit and get a good deal or two.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, please visit What and our shops, and any feedback would be welcomed.

    Sincerely, the only European city on the server 🙂


    Hi G_Oakmen! Thanks for sharing your city. Looking forward to seeing it. But 1 question. Which world are you in? (Alpha, Delta, Gamma?)


    Ah sorry, we’re in gamma. Can’t believe I didn’t put that in the original post. Thanks Yellowskin!


    If anyone is interested in joining the town of What, speak to me and we can sort you out a plot of land to build on. Just message me or try to catch me while I’m on the server and we can talk about what you’re planning to build. Thanks 🙂


    Hi all, me again with a quick update on the town of ‘What’. I am pleased to say that we have recently accepted Ike2b as our newest resident.


    So, why did you decide to name your city that?


    The reason for the peculiar name is due to the cult classic movie Pulp fiction, which happens to be a popular movie of a few of the members of What (Plainlazywill and Tom Caruth).
    During the movie Samuel Jackson is interrogating a man and says  “What ain’t no country I’ve heard of”

    So to cut a long story short we thought It would be a good idea to name the City What.
    So when people ask where we are from we can say we are from What,
    Because what is a place you have heard of.


    Hello again. I’m pleased to say that the town of what has grown significantly since this topic was created, I’ll begin with a full list of members; currently residing in What we have: G_Oakmen, Plainlazywill, TomCaruth, ZXFEAR, nathanmac998, Ike2b, leiamoosey, EliteTristan, Emithal, Sydneef and myself. Secondly, the ‘What Shop’ in Final City has moved to the taller shop building (which also houses PK’s shop) between the sandstone market and the stone brick market (North East of spawn). Also (and a massive thanks to PK for this), What now has its own mumble channel. Finally I’d like to mention that What new has a PvP arena, but I’ll go over this in greater detail in a new topic.  Thank you very much to everyone on the server, especially admins for letting What grow into a true city. 🙂


    Correction: Ike2b is a owner/member of Dale city. I updated the rest of the list.

    I’ll probably move my shop again. If I do and you’re interested, you can have my ground floor shop area. I can just shift your guys’ stuff down.


    Ah yes. Forgot that Dale becoming a city means Ike is no longer in What. Whoops.  Yeah, if the space becomes available we would love to have it. 🙂

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