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    I am building a full scale Super-tanker, which is quite frankly, Massive. But I need an equally large pile of wool which is where I need help.

    In Delta’s Final City there is a Stargate and some chests near the Sandstone Market. The chests buy White and Black wool and the gate leads to my farm where there are free shears for you to farm Red wool, and chests to buy it.
    I am buying wool for diamonds staying close to market prices for 4 stacks of wool to a diamond.
    The farm is big enough that one person can farm indefinatly only limiting their diamonds by how much the chests can buy.

    Anything you want to sell is appreciated and will be put to use in this massive construction.

    When the tanker is finished I may look at building an internal structure to support a city inside it should people wish to build there.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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