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    I found a great game that I’d love to put into the custom world… Any way that I can set that up sometime? If a mod will oversee the placement of it in the custom world, I can use WE to put it in and out. It’s really great. To see it in action, go here:


    In case your wondering, I got the lag-reduced version without a working timer. It does give you 15 minutes, but doesn’t do the countdown.


    We played around with that on a couple of different servers and CoderJ had a customized version.


    Sweet! Do we have it on the server?

    Coder J

    I had a customized version (it’s probably still kicking around my dev server somewhere), used CommandHelper, WorldGuard, WorldEdit, and a rollback system to pretty much automate that game.

    The second version ( ) doesn’t seem to have the same lag problem (the walls coming down is done in a way that minimizes lag); that said, I don’t see it coming to FSMC… once you’ve played it a few times it devolves into remembering where everything up and choosing to turtle vs. go full out offensive (and it can really suck when everyone turtles… heck, it sucks even when one person turtles as they can hide for a very long time…)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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