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    I love SkyPirates but it feels like it needs some things. I think we should get lives like the other PvP games.  There could also be a little island so we can get treasure like Blueberry (diamond) and Butter (gold). Maybe you could add more loot and decorations to the ships. Make it more piratey. Arr.


    I would love to help build the island if you decide to do it.


    Well syd pirates die in one K.O like in real life


    And i forgot to say skypirates the ship decorations dont matter


    I don’t really feel like lives would work too well especially since your ship tends to fall apart and finding good places to respawn would be difficult. The idea of having an island in the center is interesting. Though, if it had some kind of treasure it seems like people would just rush to the island and fight there rather than stay on their ship, build cannons, fighting from a distance before going in close (which to me is where a lot of the fun comes from).


    Though having mobs randomly spawn on the ships might be a fun idea. Maybe have them start spawning after a certain time, so that people don’t turtle. (Though this would be difficult like Nef said, since the ships tend to get destroyed.)


    The island doesn’t have to have treasure, it could just be for decoration. Maybe¬† we can have a floating spawn pad somewhere with command blocks that can teleport you to different parts of the ship at the push of a button.


    I like the idea of a floating island with more stuff. I think I had thought of it before after seeing some other Minecraft games, but nothing came of it. I’d probably put it on the other side of the stands. Bridging to it would be a risk (and diagonal) and the amount of useful goods would be limited, so I don’t think it would be overpowered. Maybe make some mobs spawn on the island?

    Better ship designs are worth considering. I’ve actually thought about having multiple ship designs and having it randomly spawn one of them.

    Having an objective block might interesting for respawns. Basically could have a gold or iron block in the cabin, that when destroyed stops respawns. It’s like bed respawns, but it’d be more reliable since bed respawning is weird and glitchy. Or maybe an objective like killing all the villagers on the opposing ship.


    So you are going to have an island? If you are can I help build it? I would love to help.


    If u r doin multiple ships, can I build 1? like in dev?

    I realy like helping build stuff on this server.


    What about villagers on the ship that act as single respawns? Each villager counts as a life, basically, so if the other team kills some of the villagers on your ship, you lose them as respawns. I could maybe even put some emeralds in the ship just in case there’s a neat trade to turn the tide.


    PK, would you have any sort of limit in terms of ship size and island size. I’ll have some free time next week so I can throw together some plans of ships and an island.

    Islands in the sky tend to be fairly standard with a stalactite structure composing the base usually looking the most probable. Well as probable as a floating island can be…

    In terms of ships, would we want them to be similar sizes or have more variation. Maybe with the equipment differing in each ship style?


    The ships need to be equally destructable. This in part means materials need to have a balanced blast resistance and be flammable. You also can’t currently put attachables on certain sides of blocks. (ladders, torches, no doors at all) That might be fixed later by the plugin authors. The spacing of the TNT needs to be enough to create the occasional chain reaction, but not too close that it’ll do it most of the time. The larger the size (mostly length and height) the longer it takes to regenerate. A shorter mast would be nice — probably should shorten the current ones. Any island should not have material going below the bottom of the ships for the same reason.

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