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    I’ve rewritten much of the spleef script to use a scheduled check instead of event triggers so that it’s more consistent. While doing so I improved some other things in preparation of adding some more features. I’m going to use this space to list some ideas. If you have any more ideas or suggested changes to the way spleef works, this would be a good place to explain. 🙂

    – Random Obstacles (randomly generated stonebrick walls; you can break the cracked stonebrick walls)
    – No Jump (glass ceiling)
    – Fog of War (limited view distance & no sprint) [edit: this might be removed as people can cheat it]
    – Zoo Mode: (random mob disguises; glitchy, but fun)
    – Difficult Terrain (50% soulsand mixed in the floor)
    – Platforming (creates an arena that’s 80% air)


    – Knockout mode
    (chained rounds where each match the first two eliminated players lose “lives” until you get knocked out, winner gets an extra life)

    – A round time limit that increases difficulty in various potential ways
    — Remove edge blocks each minute
    — Slap players often after a certain time
    — randomly remove blocks (maybe replace remaining blocks with decaying blocks)

    – Pickup bonuses (click a color wool block and get a temporary respective bonus to the color)
    — (grey) bigger block break (instead of breaking one block, each click would break multiple blocks)
    — (red) slap
    — (black) invisibility
    — (green) speed

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    • This topic was modified 11 years, 11 months ago by PseudoKnight.

    glass ceilings aren’t pretty but I understand why it would be there.


    The glass ceiling, like most of those things in the list, would be an option. There’s a type of spleefing where jumping isn’t allowed. It makes holes impassable.


    I sort of feel like this is PK Spleef 2.0. It’s a lot more cohesive and presentable. I even added a golden shovel and proper lighting in the spleef room. It’s still missing some options that I think would make it as replayable as I think it could be.


    Added Platforming mode and made it work with Difficult Terrain. 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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