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    We can make hid n seek, Simon says, freeze tag (,Finding Asdialed [Hehe]) and other games for frog park! Im already making Lava Survival with my friends. I would love to help with work in progress minigames. Im wide open!

    P.S. I will be at camp from Friday to next Wednesday.


    Hide and Seek can be done already. Froggerooh has even started some games. Use “/dynmap hide”, then find a place to hide, then press sneak button so people can’t see your name. (or don’t, if you want it to go faster.. maybe tease them with 1 second of visibility)

    Frogware is sort of a Simon Says game. In fact I plan on adding one task that plays on that concept. It’ll do something like tell you a random color block, action (break, stand on, drop, pickup), and either a negative or positive. (eg. “do” or “don’t”) I’m calling it “PK Says”.

    I actually had a game of continuous tag going on for a while, but it never became a thing. An on-demand game might be more enjoyable, but it still needs something more.


    Froggerooh totally stole that from asdialed PK. 😛 – Also if you drink an invis potion you don’t need to keep holding sneak to hide your name, just make sure to wear armor so people can find you.

    The thing with the tag game is that people didn’t know it was going on, so someone would be tagged, not know it and then never tag another player. An on-demand version of it in the park would be cool, maybe with a “safe” area even.


    I know why it didn’t work. 😛 I was hoping it would spawn some spontaneous tag events, but I never heard any that did. It was an experiment. A straight-up game of tag sounded boring.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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