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    Nerdtacular is in 3 short months and several people from the Frogpants Minecraft community are planing to be there. We have put together a shirt with some basic server info and a creeper face on the front.
    The shirts are green and available in a range of sizes. I would like to have enough orders to get the price under $15 (if we order more than 20) but it could go as high as $20 each. The front has a black creeper face and the back says: FinalScoreMC.com – Family Friendly Vanilla Minecraft, FrogTEK.net – Family Friendly Modded Minecraft.
    If you are going to be at Nerdtacular I will bring the shirts with me and I plan to arrive in SLC on the 4th, otherwise, If you can’t come to Nerdtacular and still want a shirt I will be happy to ship them.  Shipping will be $5-6 in the US.
    You can see the shirt and commit to order at: http://www.customink.com/signup/2t6a9376
    I will let everyone know what the final price per shirt is after June 4th and I hope to see you all at Nerdtacular!



    Fred and I are headed to nerdtacular too! We would like to order two shirts! Though I kinda wish they had our usernames on them!!.



    Very good! We “could” have usernames. There is a charge and it’s kinda steep from customink. 4 bucks a shirt or so. I can hunt around locally to see if i could get it cheaper if there is enough interest.


    I signed up for mine. And will pass the link around.


    Hey all! Just a quick Update. The Last Day to order t-shirts is May 20th. Names are going to be available in 2″ sports lettering for a small fee. There is a 10 character limit for names HOWEVER they will work with us on longer names if the shirt is large enough. I think 14 is probably doable.

    Current Prices are $14 WITHOUT a name or $18 with a name (subject to change).




    That’s good cause TrulyAnnoying is 13 letters…..I would settle for TrulyAnnoy too… Where do we need to submit we want our username?


    There will be an e-mail sent out with all the info. I will ask you to send me the name you want, Shipping addy. (if you won’t be coming), and any other necessary information. Oh, and money.


    WOOOO!!! Nerdtacular Is 41 days away!! Also t-shirt orders are closed. Thanks to everyone who signed up! If you did sign up an e-mail is on it’s way detailing everything that happens next. I hope to see you soon!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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