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    So right now we have a shop edit command and a shop list command, and their syntax is very different. It might be nice to unite them. It would make them longer but more memorable. Alternatively we could shorten them for convenience and possibly memory.


    /listshops buy itemname
    (lists shops with itemname in stock)

    /shop buy 1 for 1g
    (owners can use this to edit the shop sign with a new price)

    PROPOSAL #1:

    /shop list itemname
    (would list buy/sell shops together with an indicator for which was which)
    /shop edit buy 1 for 1g
    (longer, but sensible)

    PROPOSAL #2:

    /shop list buy itemname
    (also supports sell instead of buy, so it would list these separately)
    /shop edit buy 1 for 1g

    PROPOSAL #3:

    /buy itemname
    (and alternatively /sell itemname)
    /shop buy 1 for 1g
    (ignores unity in favor of shorter commands)


    I’m so confused.

    Have your beeper beep my beeper.


    Proposals #1 and 3 look good.

    Proposal #2 meh

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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