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    Plainlazywill, Madeleinejane and I are trapped in the end in the resource world. The portal failed and turned to obsidian. We have killed the ender dragon and claimed the egg. We are low on food. Please help us out. (we’re in British time so won’t be on for a bit)

    Thanks for any help


    ^ Yeah, what he said. We’re trapped and I only have 2 steak for each of us.


    Help us Admins and Moderators you are only hope.


    Yeah, so we really are trapped and can’t think of anyway to get out.


    Make an end chest and put your stuff in it?

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    We don’t have the blaze powder, and I think my ender chest inventory is already pretty full. We expected to be able to leave after killing the dragon


    I’m level 65 at the moment and ideally I don’t want to loose those.


    We have a plan now, TomCaruth will enter the end with a pumpkin and ender chest. He will find us and place the chest. We will all place as much as possible in the chest. However this will cause us to have to resort to /kill to leave. We will lose over 150 xp levels combined in this exploit. We really would prefer another way out. If possible let us know.


    Apparently the super gate is broken? TomCaruth can’t access it.


    To clarify, that is a contingency plan and we do not wish to use it. It is a last resort not a main plan of action. It is not through our own fault that we are trapped in the end.


    Yup, we did every thing we could to stay safe in the resource world.


    We’ve made an ender chest, taken it to the end and put all the important stuff in there. Ideally we don’t want to die but if needs must we’re only losing experience. Nef, is it totally impossible to teleport us out or will we need to do /kill?


    I died, but G_Oakmen and TomCaruth have levels so they don’t really want to die.


    We resorted to /kill and lost our levels. We’re out of the end. But what caused us to become trapped we can’t work it out.


    You can contact me the quickest on Steam. Forums are for slower discussions.

    The end portal not forming correctly is rare, but it happens. I recovered your chest and a pile of dropped items just outside. I’ll split the 20,000 xp between the three of you.

    Congrats on killing the dragon. It looks like I’ll have to “connect” to another world. 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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