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    asdialed and I recently built a market near gamma spawn, with design help from Noved17 & Lendros23. It currently has 7 shops with 15-16 chests. 3 are already claimed. The remaining shops are for people who would like a shop at an easily accessable location and don’t already have one like that. Example: if you have a shop in a city with a warp or in the Final City market area, Gamma is not for you. Otherwise you can request for one.

    Now for the plans. We intend to expand around the market for kind of a “shopping center” with an “outdoor mall” feeling. ScottyD has already added a smaller hat store nearby. We’re not 100% on the look but something similar to the market and possibly some themed underwater locations. We then would like to build plots and make a slightly more organized living area next to gamma spawn, but thats just an idea currently.

    Edit: For iPad typos.

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    Thats awesome nefyoni


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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