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    So far:
    Cart Ride
    Obstacle/Jump Course
    Art (stuff people built for easy access display)

    Upcoming (and vague):
    Shooting Range
    tpvp replacement

    People seem more interested in an involving/active type of thing than a passive event. The difference between riding a cart around and watching things go by you compared to the popular Coder’s Demise when you’re trying to time a jump correctly.
    Also, Coder’s Demise (whether people liked or hated it) was popular. So that has led to me being reinvigorated with the whole Obstacle Courses thing and the next one I’m working on for Custom world (not event lot) will be team-based.


    Some quick ideas I’ve been thinking about are a music type thing with a custom tune (not sure about having enough space though) and a new puzzle, probably math based where you go from room to room after solving a new piece.

    Coder J

    Like using buttons as combo-lock style, Encryptic?

    I might abandon Ant Farm for a bit to make a large labyrinth/puzzle. I’ve been making so much glass my eyes are now clear 😉


    Yeah, something like that CoderJ.

    I haven’t thought too deeply about the specifics yet, but that’s the general idea.


    Mentioned this briefly to Nef in-game, but wanted to elaborate here.

    My idea is a sort of minecart jousting match. The entire thing takes place between two people in minecarts (leaving the cart would be a disqualification).

    The two combatants are outfitted with swords, bows, and 10-15 arrows each. They each then get in one of two carts (which are divided by glass wall or somesuch) and a third party launches the carts via button. The carts shoot out and begin racing along parallel tracks that have a number of ups, downs, obstacles, and turns. It doesn’t matter what shape the overall track is, as long as the carts are covering roughly the same distance each so as to stay near each other–in my head, the carts are spiraling around the edges of the square lot from top to bottom, switching sides as they go to stay roughly level with each other. During this time, the combatants can use their bows and arrows to shoot at one another or their swords to clash in melee if the carts ever get close enough together.

    Once the carts get to the bottom of the lot, they engage a central set of loops that bring them around in long ovals, right next to each other for half the loop each (imagine a more traditional horseback joust for this part, where the contestants constantly take runs toward eachother at close range). The carts will continue looping here until only one combatant remains.

    That’s the general jist of it, and additional tweaks could be made, including targets that when shot, drop healing food, potions, or armor onto the shooter’s tracks. Perhaps there could be buttons to release mobs or animals onto the tracks also (though that might spoil the whole premise).

    Lag might make this idea a little less feasible, but overall it could be a fun experiment. I would of course volunteer to build it if I can peel myself from Diablo 3 for long enough to do so.


    That’s an awesome idea, Trigger! I bet I could work on that this weekend on singleplayer! I can totally imagine what your saying:) That sounds actually really fun! Time to get to work on that 😉


    I also like the minecart jousting concept. Not sure the full concept will work in the smallish event lot. I’d go for a full mini-game on the games world.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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