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    Aside from the “World Border” (which shows up on the Live Map), is there any other expected “edge of the world”?

    The reason I ask is that while in a boat some 4000 blocks north of spawn on Alpha, I found the edge. Being in a boat going full speed, I wasn’t able to stop in time and promptly fell off the edge. Being a good captain, I went down with my ship. Well…more like down and down and down and down…then died. …thought briefly about returning to my death point to retrieve my stuff, but was a bit concerned about that first step…

    I had assumed the black spots on Alpha on the Live Map was either a glitch (or very unlikely, unexplored). Was hoping that maybe I’d be able to find a patch of wilderness well before the wolrdguard edge…

    Was this a glitch or expected?



    Not being able to leave well enough alone, I had to revisit the spot. Sure enough. The edge of the world. Guess they were wrong, it is not round!

    I presume this is to save server storage and/or memory. Oh well… No vast unexplored wilderness.


    The terrain generation changed from beta 1.7.3 to beta 1.8, and it was so dramatic that I chose to turn off terrain generation on Alpha. Thus was born the “EDGE OF THE WORLD”. During this time, Delta was born, full of wildernesses. Later, we even got Gamma. And just recently I expanded Gamma for more wildernessesesess-es. But ya, we can’t have it be infinite. The reasons are simple: large world backups, vast empty spaces, terrain generation impacts server performance. We literally had people head out in straight lines for several miles for no good reason, only to die and respawn at world spawn, leaving a vast swathe of never-to-be-used land taking up space.

    I restored the important bits of your stuff, but I try not to make it a habit.

    Some people have taken advantage of the coolness of the edge and built floating fortresses in space. 🙂


    Wait, how many blocks is a mile in minecraft? This is all I can think about now -_-


    Minecraft measures in meters (One meter is one block). So for instance 5000 blocks is 5 kilometers which is around 3.2 miles.


    Someone walked out to I believe 8000-10000 on Gamma before I trimmed it back in November.


    It wasn’t me. 🙂


    hehe i have been the victim of this edge of the world too, it just kinda sneaks up on you lol


    Before we transitioned, we actually talked about putting up giant walls, but we thought they’d be too ominous. 😛


    Hehe we should totally make a giant floating city and take advantage of the edge of the world;)

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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