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    So, early on when we first started taking donations to keep the server running, we gave stacks of items per dollar. In context of the time it made sense, but as things stabilized and we added shops, it became apparent that that was too much. So, for a couple months we changed it to stacks of gold ingots per dollar, which seemed sensible compared to the previous setup. But we were set on money for several months thanks to generous frogpants fans, so we put donations on hold. Now we want to open up donations again, but with rewards that make sense to everyone. But Scotty and I want ideas before we vote. This goes for people who are thinking of donating AND people who want to keep it fair. Here’s a few basic things to get some brainstorming going:

    Stimulates the shop markets, but still limits resources to what people have gathered (except gold, of course).

    These will be used to get unique enchanted items like battle axes, fire axes, and other fun stuff that you can’t normally get in survival. You normally get these coins by playing in events and mini-games. While these prizes haven’t been implemented yet, I would be forced to get this done before we opened up donations with coin rewards.

    This is a common thing done on some servers that take donations. They give donators extra permissions to access certain commands and abilities normally only accessible to moderators. You can look through each plugins permissions to get some ideas. I can’t think of too many that would be fitting, but maybe you can.

    This comes in many forms, but it basically comes down to WorldGuard region access. This can mean a donator town or maybe plots on a creative world.

    A little bit of corporation and government influence in this. In a way, donators own a small part of the server, so maybe they should have more of an official say in what’s done (not that we don’t listen now). Perhaps donators could vote on future events, world plans, plugins… maybe not everything, but just one part of the server they get their vote.

    So, there’s some brainstorming to get ideas going, but we’re certainly not limited to those concepts above. If you have a crazy idea, I want to hear it.


    OK, Down the list we go…

    1: Gold has been working in the past. However, introducing extra currency into the economy may cause prices to rise and make purchasing hard to acquire items (glowstone, slime balls, ect) difficult for new players as there is currently no gold sink.(all introduced currency stays in the economy causing inflation.) Perhaps a solution to the extra gold is to introduce a gold to coin exchange that removes gold from the server economy.

    2. Coins do not affect the server economy in any major way. The items that would be introduced don’t seem to be able to unbalance the server in any way. PvP encounters could be affected by highly powered weapons, however, that is not the primary goal of the server.

    3. I can only think of a few permissions that could be made available to non-mods without potential for significant harm. Fly, Invis, perhaps superpick. I don’t really like Fly mode as it makes building very easy. Superpick may have potential for Griefing.

    4. I’m not sure if a Donor region or city really fits with the server. However, there are no issues with balance or griefing.

    5. Posts like this one kinda prove that everyone gets their say in how the server is run. I don’t really have a well formed opinion on this… Yet.

    I like removing group restrictions upon donation. I see balance and fairness issues in giving game changing bonuses in exchange for donation. A Green name and the unrestricted ability to use flint and steel seem like very enticing things.

    My cents.

    Coder J

    Gold is what I got when I donated; honestly, I think most of it is still sitting in chests I have scattered around. Unfortunately, making it possible to purchase gold and having gold used as currency leads to inflation, like Ohio said.

    Coins seem like the best option out of five, really. Our PvP encounters, for the most part, are managed affairs that either clear the inventory or give a specific set of armor/weapons for use.

    Permission Nodes seems interesting, but like you said, there’s not much to do… well, mob disguises would be cool (maybe do like what was done for 4th of July – bind the ability to a stick or something that checks for donor status then executes the command/ability). Personally, I wouldn’t want to see flying/invis/abuse since that opens the door for too much abuse (intentional or otherwise). I’m sure if I looked through Bukkit Dev I could find some cool stuff, but I don’t feel like it right now. 😛

    Access seems cool in theory, but let’s face it, people that want to build/make things together already do so. There are multiple cities/towns around the server that are access limited by various groups of people. About the only thing that would make something like that a real incentive would be if there was something unique/special that only and admin/mod could setup and normally wouldn’t (but that seems like what Final City is for).

    Congress seems like a good idea, as well, but tbh it seems like everyone has a voice on how things are on the server. The idea of donators owning a “share” of the server is kind of neat, but then you get into things like how many shares are there to own/are there limits to how much one can own (avoid majority shareowner concept)/etc. Also, do you really want to deal with the idea of someone getting PO’d over what’s happening and threatening to do something stupid (like press legal action) because they bought a share and feel their entitled (it sound stupid, except it happens… and it becomes expensive for those that have to defend themselves from that stupidity).


    I agree with what coder and Ohio said. But I got a different take on the “Permission Nodes” to a small extent I think flying yes would make things easier to build things but but it would also give people a chance to really show case what they can do. Shank for an example I think could do some amazing things. And I know it could help me as well. But I would have to say that if it was put in to the game there would need to be a higher level of player over Regular. something like Trusted or Renowned. But hell I’ll give you money just to keep the sever going. Because I just like playing with you all. And I can wait to fly if I can ever prov myself worthy of admin hood but other then that ya I have to agree like I said with coder and Ohio.

    There is one thing I have seen on other severs is having things named after people but Im not sure if that would work on this sever or not.


    This isn’t us voting, but determining what should be on the list for voting.

    Ohh, naming thing is cool. Hm, we could do obstacle courses or other mini-games in custom themed by that person. In fact, we could get their direct help with it. (attended creative mode) That’s a lot of things to create, though. Maybe it’d need a cumulative minimum.

    I’m leaning towards coins too. Everything purchase-able with coins can be balanced for fairness and is still accessible to others through mini-games. (which should be fun enough to play on their own merits, btw)

    I had thought about mob disguises. For example, they could choose one mob to be able to disguise as. (or maybe we should just make this accessible to everyone through time limited potions)

    All that said, the thing about donations is most people here don’t need incentive to raise enough funds to cover the costs of the server, but we want some sort of thank you. So probably think of it as a bonus gift instead of an incentive or purchase.


    Hey guys,

    I know I haven’t been around as long as some of you guys (kind of late getting on the Minecraft boat), but I love the server and when work allows it I love getting lost just building at the castle pad.

    I plan on donating on keeping the server up and of all the possibility’s you guys have put up, I agree that coins might be the best option for a donor reward.

    They seem like a low risk type of reward because you guys will have full control of what is available and what those things can do. Also a coin-4-stuff system in game sounds cool and could be something to expand on if possible.


    RE: Gold to coins trade
    I don’t really like this idea, at least not as a flat trade because it’s the equivalent of buying those items with gold. But honestly there’s nothing stopping people from trading coins between players. (unless I disable that specifically)


    I like the idea of Coins myself, I feel like they bring balance to things but give you some unique opportunities. One interesting twist could be special access to a rich resource world for a limited period of time, perhaps based upon how many coins you choose to use.

    I’ve liked the idea of the ability to use Coins to fly for brief periods of time, but I also wouldn’t mind having the ability to trade in amounts of coins for certain things, such as customized creature spawners (Like I have wanted to build an automated cattle farm) or having ones already in the world moved. Another interesting idea would be the ability to have our region’s biome changed.

    Mob disguise is one of those things I’d bribe someone to have access to.

    I also like the ability to gain access to some things that are normally restricted, such as larger regions.


    Once 1.3 comes out, it’d also be awesome to get an emerald option.


    Coins would be a good idea as encyrptic says, I’m a fan of his idea about region biome changes too.
    Flying would be quite nice, I much prefer to build when in flight.

    Ultimately we’ve just got to be careful we don’t devalue gold or diamonds or iron, so coins would be a safer more effective option I feel


    I don’t really like the idea of building while in flight.. makes accomplishments less impressive. Falling to my death while working on something tall makes asdialed giggle when I panic about it, it’s part of playing in survival.


    I must agree. That also will takes away the fear of falling into lava. Not cool.


    What about ghosting… where you go invis and fly for a short time. The upside is that you wouldn’t be able to build, but you’d be able to look around. I could even make it so it teleported you back to your starting location after the timer is up. This of course would be through coins, as such I should probably open up another thread about things you can buy with that.

    I’m seeing that coins is getting the biggest vote here. I’m not sure it even requires an actual poll or not.


    Right, new idea here. The nether is torn up, and most of gamma’s nether fortress spawn is in a region. So there’s less chance of building the massive and still in efficient nether brick spawning pads.

    So how about wither skulls after donating? This rewards the donators with the chance to fight the wither and provides incentive to donate and support the server so you don’t have to farm the skulls. Unsure on the amount received for donating although 15 is the amount of skulls a needed to receive all benefits aside from one level 2 buff. I know I’d certainly donate for wither skulls, ideas? Opinions?


    Naturally spawning heads… probably not. Maybe some way of getting player heads, but I’m sure it’ll be donation rewards. I also want to allow creeper, skeleton, and zombie head drops.

    BTW, we’re doing for coins for donations along with coin rewards. I already have some coin shops setup, but I want to add more. They’re finite shops to prevent too much item inflation. A few of us are going to be donating items to it, and in a way funding the frog park rewards, since those are also run on coins. We’re also trying a few commands using coins, which allows people limited access to them. Right now, only /weather <stormy|sunny> is added (since weather annoys a lot of people), but I plan on adding /time <day|night> with smooth transitions (since it’s difficult and annoying to get everyone in a world in a bed).

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