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    As some of you are aware there’s the beginnings of the Battlestar in Delta that Shankomatic was working on. It hasn’t had much progress in a while because Shankomatic hasn’t been playing on the server. I would love to see it finished but I know that I can’t do it alone. I asked him for the design/plan for it and (thanks, Shank) he shared it with me. I’m thinking this could become a server project, where everyone chips in some time and effort and we can get it finished.

    If anyone is interested, let’s talk about it.


    I’m interested. I would love to see it finished.


    I haven’t watched Battlestar Galactica. I don’t understand it. I’m in. Definitely interested in seeing it completed.


    I’d help a little, during podcast time. Maybe first order of business is to figure out a minimum material requirement? Not an exact number, but the enough to get 90% of it done before we can reassess.


    Let me find the image that he was using…
    And the message he sent along with it:
    “Here is the image i was using to create the battlestar. I was using lines and basically going 1:1 pixel to blocks to make most of it, but some of the detail like the curve of the head was frustrating the hell out of me.”

    So.. how much material do we need? The stuff in the chests are available for us to use that he already collected.
    “Go ahead and use whatever, its for the ship.”

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    If you still need materials, I would be glad to contribute whatever I can. Is this just a shell or are you creating the internal workings? I haven’t actually been to the build to check it out yet.



    I doubt he planned to have internals so just the shell. I put a warp to it because I had a hard time finding it; /warp galactica

    I haven’t taken any steps in managing the resources though as there seems to only be mild interest (even on my part) on working on it. But the first thing would be figuring about how much materials are required to finish it and then figuring how much he had already collected. So, when I remember to do it I’ll try to find out what has already been used and we can go from there.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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