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Jan 10th
– Did a visual pass on the pirate ships with Rivergod, and tested it with him.
– Did a visual and functionality pass on Encryptic’s old ice arena with Rivergod,, and configured the arena for PVP. It’s now fully functional. Name: “SnowDown”. 😛
– Added starting “time” setting.
– Set player bed location to park warp on match start. Because there’s a bug that prevents me from adjusting respawn locations when a player doesn’t have a bed location, I have to work around it. This is the least ugly workaround. However, I still have to do the other workaround in SkyPirates when using bed respawning.
– Added ‘redstone’ setting — an unpowered lever placed on top of a block that turns on when the match starts and turns off when the match ends.
– Added ‘min’ and ‘max’ players settings. The minimum determines if “/pvp start” is successful and the maximum starts the match as soon as that number of people join.