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Jan 5th
– Added item spawns and chest spawns. I originally was only going to do item spawns, but I ran into a few wrinkles. I can’t check if a player has picked up a specific item very well, so it must spawn at the given interval, whereas the chest spawn will occur after a given amount of time after it was last looted. Second, I can’t drop items with enchantments, which is where the chest spawn comes in. You can loot chest spawns just by clicking them and then they’ll disappear.

– Now running a ‘/remove items 32’ command for players when starting a match to clear out all the dropped and spawned items from previous games. This is a small change, but I wanted to mention it because of the drawbacks. The first is that it might interfere with drops nearby, so try and keep spawns at least 32 blocks away from anything that could be affected. Another drawback is there’s an extra message in people’s chat right after “Starting match in 3 seconds…”

– Other tweaks like making the “/arena” sub-command explanations longer for clarity, and also dropping the player_quit event since it was redundant with the player check interval.

I just need to add special weapons, dyed armor support, and jump pads for Halo to work how we want it to.