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Jan 1st
– Finished adding Sell shops to scripts. As a courtesy, I went around and clicked all Sell shops in Final City to add them to the database.
– Made a few more optimizations and fixes to the shop scripts.
– Updated backup auth system in consideration of deprecated and added functions. (makes it cleaner, too)
– Re-wrote the Sell shop and auth system fixes after accidentally overwriting the file with a backup I made a few hours earlier. Derp.
– Re-worked PVP teams to get it to work. (untested)
– Improved arena configuration commands
– Added team kits
– Other PVP experience improvements
– Opened up the /enchant [type] [level] command to builders/engineers so that they can tinker with kits for arenas. I recently enabled the /item (or /i) command for item spawning for builders/engineers too. My goal is to really empower people to create new and interesting game modes with easy to use features.