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Dec 23rd

– Moved CoderJ’s 2v2 version of Tower Control to Frog Park. It uses almost all redstone, except for the respawn gear. (Respawn gear can technically be done in vanilla as of 1.4, but would interfere with other mini-games in the same world. The alternative is a dispenser method as seen in the original Tower Control, but it’s not fun for players because they’d have to put their armor on every time.) CoderJ is working on a larger one for more players, but I guess you could play with over 4 players in the 2v2 Tower Control for fun. It just requires at least 4 to start the game.

– Did a lot of work on the PVP script. I got one arena running with its base functionality. It’s an FFA with 10 lives. I tried to make the script flexible enough to adapt to all sorts of arena types and rules.