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Jan 14th
– Updated CommandHelper, WorldEdit, and WorldGuard.
– Added bats and baby chickens to Cluck, then turned it back on because CommandHelper guys fixed the bug!
– Reworked parts of Skypirates to work with the lack of support for attachables in Pylamo Restoration System. Basically we can’t put attachables (ladders, torches, etc) on the north, west, or top side of blocks and expect them to successfully restore. I removed the doors, moved the ladders, and adjusted most torches.
– Armor dye is fixed in CommandHelper now, so I redid Skypirates armor.
– Added a tentative coin reward for pvp, matching how it works on spleef for now. It’s basically the number of players in the match minus two. So you get one coin if there were three players. Two if there’s four. Etc.