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Jan 19th
– WEBSITE: Adjusted live map for mobile devices a bit. I could maybe use a little feedback on this since I don’t have a smartphone. Tip: click the pause button on the map list.
– WEBSITE: Added a Custom Recipes page with helpful pictures and deprecation notices.
– WEBSITE: Added a bunch of custom commands to the moderator reference page.
– PLUGIN: Added mossy stonebrick recipe to RecipeManager. It’s vines over stonebrick. It seemed the best choice. Still undecided on cracked stonebrick.
– CAKES: Changed cakes to repair themselves if someone somehow eats one. This should have been impossible, but oh well.
– STOPWATCH: Made it not give an errant time when a player never started the stopwatch. Changed the data structure. Saved the session data on commandhelper reload. Output the times to console for reference.