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Jan 18th
– PVP: Tested and fixed itemspawns, chestspawns, and jumppads. (and more?) Itemspawns were a little disappointing as they drop at a random angle resulting in a 1-1.5 radius of possible drop locations. They also don’t drop the correct data value for potions for some reason.
– PVP: Added fireworks to Sumo.
– PVP: Changed how players get removed from match when they exit the arena by teleporting them to the lobby. This helped Sumo, but I had to add a invincible region to the lobby area so they didn’t die immediately.
– PVP: Fixed removing potion effects upon leaving region.
– HELP: Added permission to view help index.
– DEV: Added more layered terrain where it left holes before the generator kicked in.
– DEV: Added a mob testing area at /warp mobtesting