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– Worked on the terrain in Frog Park.
– Updated WorldGuard, which now has a flag to disabled vine growth, which I immediately applied to Guardian so that I could remove the stupid string everywhere. Heh.
– [PVP] Added chestspawns to edit subcommand.
– [PVP] Updated CommandHelper to fix the issue with item meta. Now we can name items, give them lore, add text to books, color armor, and set skulls.
– Added “/display [name]” to name items in hand. This is primarily for arenas but could be used for dungeons and stuff. You could do this with anvils before, but now we can automatically spawn these items and it supports color codes. (eg. “&a”) I added names to the items in Guardian.
– [PVP] Added ‘denydrop’ setting for arenas so that we can configure certain items to not drop on death like armor. It accepts item IDs.
– [PVP] Added ‘teamcolor’ setting so that PVP messages can color names based on which team they’re in. I demonstrated this on Guardian.
– [PVP] Setup Bomberman with an arena. Pretty basic, so I stuck some mob spawners in the center columns.