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– [PVP] Added a chestspawn for sumo that upgrades knockback after 1 min. Found a bug where chests spawn on start even when set not to. Fixed it.
– [PVP] Converted dyed armor to the new cleaner method in CH (supports other itemmeta like display names and lore!). Found a major bug that breaks enchantments when there’s itemmeta in the item array (which by default is every item array… sigh). Had to code a workaround for it until it’s fixed, but that means we can’t enchant dyed armor or name enchanted weapons yet. Not so clean… yet.
– [PVP] Added an “edit” subcommand to /arena. It supports only kits for now. When you run “/arena edit guardian kit 1” it will give you the kit for team 1 in guardian. Then you can “set” it when you’re done.
– [PVP] Used new edit subcommand to resave kits with new inventory array. Had to resave a couple times due to previously mentioned bugs until I figured it all out.
– [PVP] I think I figured out why PVP was getting stuck running and fixed it.
– Probably fixed the issue where moderators were getting flight mode randomly in survival. (it was a change in CommandBook update)
– Another attempt to fix the supergate redstone getting stuck because the chunk unloads. This time I’m running a redstone wire from the button over next to the repeater that gets stuck. It’ll update that repeater. It’ll still get stuck, but it will unstick on next use.