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– [PVP] Fixed incremental spawning when player count is above the spawn count.
– [PVP] Possibly fixed the second arena overwriting pvp data of the first. Maybe. It’s an attempt to prevent variable referencing. (@id = $id.”)
– [PVP] Canceled friendly-fire altogether instead of just removing the damage. Let me know if this is better. I kind of liked getting hit in the back for a boost. We don’t need to nerf bad teammates in team games. A bad teammate is a bad teammate. We should choose whichever is better gameplay. If both are good choices, depending on the arena, I’ll make it a third option for the ff setting.
– [PVP] Fixed double item drops from chest spawns. It’s actually better this way, because it’s faster and cleaner.
– [FROGPARK] Moved river’s new small obstacle course to the desert and added some stopwatches for fun.