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I am Nefyoni, from Ohio. I currently go to college with the aim of getting a Wide-Area Networking Technology degree. I used to vary my games a bit, but nowadays it’s mostly Minecraft, WoW & small iOS games that only take up minutes at time (toilet games).

Let’s see, I get migraines (usually daily) so sometimes I may be acting weird because of the medications I take to relieve that pain. Asdialed is my girlfriend. I am writing this as I avoiding working on my Java final.

Recently I spend a lot of my time on the server in Custom world working on Events for the Server. When I build Survival projects, it’s usually in Gamma where my home is at (Under the Tardis). Projects I have done include the Tardis with pixel 9th, 10th & 11th Doctors. The Tremors Pixel Art in the desert, though it is not finished yet (needs a car and some background stuff).

I have a survival maze that is in progress in Alpha, but have not recently felt like working on it, it as a pixel art xbox 360 controller on the roof. In Final City adialed and I tried to have unique house so it’s made out of Logs & leaves.

Also, in WoW asdialed and I DO have some horde characters in AIE but we spend most of our time as Alliance on the Terenas realm. We have our own guild there. It started as an alt guild/bank for our characters but we and some other friends decided to invest it and and build it up. It’s currently at level 12 (which I think is impressive because we don’t have many active members, 6). I am mentioning it in case anyone would like to join us for some fun, currenly Scotty & Coder play there with us. //end advertisement
//end rant