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Hi I’m G_Oakmen, I’m a student from Europe. I along with my fellow European students live in a town called “What” on the server.

Our group: Madeleinejane (once killed a player with a single arrow, from a different biome. If you see her in PVP, it’s over), ZXFEAR (Insanely large scale builder, frequently buying gunpowder(in joke)), Plainlazywill (lives in a house with his name on the side, also the ‘Brewmaster’ (self given title)), TomCaruth (He’s a fan of Samuel L. Jackson and WoW) and Nathanmac998 (We call him MC Lemon, we don’t know why).

We’ve mostly been playing since beta 1.8 and before for ZXFEAR.

I personally enjoy and try to infuse my builds with detail as much as possible, taking inspiration from the Noxcrew and Sjin. I can’t claim success at this, but I try my hardest 😀
ZXFEAR and I love our redstone, he knows what he’s doing and I’m great at watching tutorials and remembering them 😉
Madeleinejane loves her underwater houses, they aren’t Atlantis. But she’s not shankomatic
TomCaruth loves his airship home and spends at lot of time in his floating library.
Plainlazywill always has a potion brewing, just don’t let him near you with a splash pot 😉
Nathmac998 has been in all of our builds and helps with the crazier projects from ZXFEAR and I 🙂

We hope to bring more to the server, especially ZXFEAR and I. We’ve got some big builds coming he’s got the scale and I’ve got the detail.

I can safely say we all love the server and the general consensus from us is that you’re all great people, thanks for that 🙂

I speak for all of us when I say, thanks to the community, the admins and especially coderj who helped us get whitelisted and ohio4h who helped us when we got griefed.