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I’m Underhale, Theophile is my actual name but feel free to call me Teddy. I am 21 years old I live in beautiful New Hampshire, but I work as an EMT in Boston, MA. I’m also a student at UMass Lowell where I major in English and Western Civilization. Huge fan of Scoot and everything he does; I started off with The Instance then gradually got sucked into the Frogpants life. Huge avid WoW player I have several 85 toons, but my main is Underhale on Azuremyst so if you’re on there say hi!

You’ve also might of noticed if you’ve ever been to my little area that I am absolutely HORRIBLE at Minecraft…I can dig a hole and mine that’s easy. But every time I build something it always turns into a giant square turd..I shall see you on the server!