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I’m Aoirselvar, I just joined this server recently. I went to my first Nerdtacular and wanted to get more involved with the frogpants community. When I saw that final score had a minecraft server, I thought I’d come and check it out. Currently I’m homeless, wandering about the wilderness in Alpha searching for a suitable place. I’ve been playing minecraft for about a year, usually on my WoW guild’s quiet server (which has all but died since Diable 3 has come out).

I’m a priest and hunter in WoW. I’ve dabbled in Diable, starcraft, among other things. In RL I’m a dad/husband, married almost 10 years with 4 little kids. During the day I work as a speech language pathologist in an elementary school. So, I’m around kids all day long. My 5 and 6 year old daughters are completely obsessed with minecraft, playing entirely in single player creative mode.

I joined the server because I was interested in a more active server. I’d say I look forward to meeting everybody, but realistically, with how often my work/family life allows me to play, I’ll be very casual, probably making a nice little home in the woods somewhere, refuge from wondering creepers.

Hope to see ya around.