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Hey Lendros23 here and I am Connor in real life and I live in New York (not NYC :P) love to play minecraft right now I work a lot now with redstone and pvp arenas. I am very good at pit, skypirates, guardian, and some others but I am very nice and very kind and I am looking forward to seeing  you all inside The Finalscore Minecraft server. Right now I am working on a piston/sand door in dev. fred gave me a plot for it and i used it so feel free to check it out. to find my plot (p.s. its kinda small) just go to dev and type /home Lendros23 have fun if it needs work I can fix it so if  I’m on just message me and I can come and fix it for you and then you can all see it (p.s. don’t break the redstone it took me forever to make it so please don’t spam the lever and dont break the redstone underneath)


See you in game