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Thought I might as well post here. Name is Wes, aka Kathumandu. Ive been playing MC for… a very long time. Alpha if i remember correctly. Joined the server back in the Pre-Alpha world, but didnt do much there. Then, once I heard they had remade the world into what we now know as alpha, I joined up, and the rest is history.

I tend to be the explorer. If you go to the live map, you see the one spit of land that seems to just streak off to the end of nowhere, with seemingly no reason. Yeah that was me. The other locations I created where the TK castle, New Dalaran, and a few other smaller alpha projects. I was working on a large castle in gamma, but due to not having much free time anymore, ive decided to put that on the back burner for now till the rail is done.

Ive been working on a minecart track to come back from my greenhouse I made with my brother Infuryo. I have it partial set up already, from the greenhouse to Masyf Outpost, then to new dalaran. From there, it will go to the TK castle, then the Hinterlands station. If you ever happen to be on, id recommend the trip, it is a rather majestic and fun ride.

So yeah… thats pretty much it. If anyone has any questions, feel free to add me on steam. Name is Kathumandu.

I also play Civilization V: BNW, Star Trek Online, Starcraft 2: HotS, Hearthstone, and of course minecraft.