Happy Easter

Deceptively Serene

It’s that time of year again.

“Where we wash out our eyeballs and never read Youtube comments again?”

Nooo, it’s Easter. And what better way to celebrate Easter than to hunt Easter eggs… for some reason. I don’t know, ask society. I don’t make the rules! Okay, I sort of sometimes do. That’s not the point. Easter is otherwise known as Resurrection Sunday, celebrating Christ rising from the grave. So in the spirit of zombie Jesus, I put up a new colorful outworld… filled with deadly zombie Easter bunnies. I think I may be doing Easter wrong? It’s too late, they’re loose and deadly. However, they have Easter eggs aplenty, which in Minecraft happen to be spawner eggs.. for some reason. I don’t know, ask Notch!

This Easter outworld will be up for the next two weeks, so it’s your only opportunity this year to get some spawner eggs yourself. But don’t underestimate the Easter bunny zombies. I’ve already been slain by a group of them. It’s a good time to use that diamond armor and potions, if you have them.

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