A lot of server data is stored under player names, not unique user IDs (UUID), which Mojang now uses. This can cause some plugins on servers to not recognize you anymore if you change your name. So if you plan to change your name, there are things that you can do minimize problems on our server. Sign locks, sign shops, multi-world inventories, and some frog park records are still using player names. However, multi-world inventories is the main sticky point right now that’s harder to address and more immediately relevant. So, before you change your name, you should teleport to a survival world. This will bring your inventory along with your name change. However, if you fail to do so, there’s still hope. I can manually recover your data.

A small side note: all previous player names are claimed, so no one can hijack your old name on our server.

UPDATE 2015-07-05
– Stargates now update the owner name on interactions.
– [PRIVATE] signs, when clicked, now update the names. I’ll add support [MORE USERS] signs later.
– Shop signs, when clicked, will update except when new names are longer than 15 characters.

2 comments on “Name-Changing

  1. ZombieDoc

    Hey PK–this is ZombieDoc (formerly Majicwon), I’ve been primarily playing lots of modded MC but I wanted to stroll around the community again, maybe visit/work on old builds (I did the biohazard symbol, giant tree in the water, few others). I just re-registered.
    Hope to see you around!

    1. PseudoKnight Post author

      I’ll see you around. We’re currently in a heat wave in Oregon, with no AC in my room, so I haven’t been on as much in the last week or two. But I’ve been watching the console during the evenings.

      You reminded me to update this post, thanks! 🙂

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