Halloween Treats

Tilramon's Burned Down Cabin
In addition to having costumes for you and your pets, there’s a few other treats on the server this Halloween.

We now have pumpkin mobs running around. They might not be tougher, but they stick around during daylight hours. So watch out! If you kill any mobs during the next week, you might be treated with a head drop. (1-5% drop rate for most mobs) This will include PLAYER HEADS! Yes, player heads will drop 50% of the time from PVP deaths in survival worlds. You just need to fight in a pvp enabled region. If you don’t know where one is, you can use the Colosseum in the West of Final City.

Lastly, any horses spawned (including natural spawns, breeding, and spawn eggs) during the next week will be skeleton or zombie horses! This is your only chance this year to make your own spooky horse and the first opportunity ever on this server. Remember, you can transfer or share ownership of horses.

froggerooh's spooky horse

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