Some Non-Sensationalist News

In the last few hours there’s been some “going-ons” that are causing a lot of bad speculation, misinformation, and doomsaying regarding the future of Minecraft and CraftBukkit, which is what most servers run. Kindly ignore these overreactions, which are not uncommon. The drama started when the core Bukkit team decided to halt development, due to some misguided fear of Mojang enforcing the EULA despite their close cooperation and mutual benefit. But since Bukkit was bought by Mojang some time ago and in fact contains much of their code anyway, Dinnerbone of Mojang promptly announced that he’s going to continue Bukkit’s development. He’s already started updating it for 1.8, which will be no small feat. It’s too early to tell if this will mean we’ll get 1.8 earlier or later than we would have otherwise, but I’m hopeful that Dinnerbone’s familiarity with 1.8 as well as Craftbukkit will help the process along.

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