State of the Server: Halloween and Minecraft 1.7



For the remainder of the time 1.6.4 is on the server, we’ll be running DisguiseCraft. This means at any time you can disguise yourself as a mob or block using “/d [mob/block]”. You can even use this during PVP matches on Frog Park! Froggerooh and I had some chicken versus chicken battles on Guardian. (note: invisibility potions won’t obscure the nametag, and expect other little anomalies — be fair but have fun!) The timing of the 1.7 update is sort of overshadowing Halloween on the server, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun. I really want to try some larger PVP games with mobs sometime this week.

Mortiseraphim’s Oasis

I hinted at it in the previous post, but I should officially announce the opening of a new two player cooperative course in Frog Park created by Mortiseraphim over the last few weeks. He did an amazing job. It’s a beautiful course, but will require team work and some skill to complete.

Froggerooh’s YARR!

We have a new class-based PVP arena this month, courtesy of Froggerooh. It’s pirate themed, with a new captain respawn mode. Each team has a captain class, and you can only respawn on your captain. If he dies, you won’t respawn until another player on your team picks up his hat and becomes the new captain! The classes include a powdermonkey (bombs and tnt), shipwright (sword, bow, healing potion), raider (diamond sword and speed), and buccaneer (pistols and blunderbuss). More improvements are planned, including a new class: striker. We’ve playtested it a couple dozen times already, and you can expect much mayhem in this ship vs ship brawl. You’ll need at least six players for the game to work.

Minecraft 1.7

When are we updating?

We’ll update as soon as a stable and compatible Craftbukkit build is available, as always. It seems that while some new features might not work right away (nothing that you should worry about in survival), I don’t foresee any show-stopping problems with the transition yet. So what does that mean for the timeline? 1.6 took about a week after official release, if I recall, so that’s a safe guess. I doubt it’ll be any later than the 5th of November. Craftbukkit needs to get relatively stable, but also a few plugins need to be updated as well. I can turn some off temporarily, but not all of them. Any Minecraft updates can slow this process down, so hopefully no last minute bugs pop up after release. In retrospect, I’ve updated within 1 or 2 days of the optimal time. So you can be sure that I’m doing it as early as reasonably possible.

New World

With 1.7, we’ll be adding a new world to our server! This has been a long time coming, and I’m sure many of you are excited as I am. There are twice as many biomes in 1.7 as there are in 1.6, so there’s going to be plenty of diversity. And since I’m going to want to include all available biomes in one world, this means it’s probably going to have the largest surface area of any world. Early seed searching leads me to conclude that a 4000 radius will be needed.

We also have to decide on a name for that world. We’ve been using Greek alphabets so far, and “Theta” is the most popular choice right now. It’s not too late to put in your 2 cents, though. What would you like to name it?

I think creating a very large thoroughfare almost straight down the center of the map would be interesting. It would have room for a two way rail and room on either side for horses and pedestrians. People could use this thoroughfare to build off of, making it more structured but not limited like a circular city (Final City). What do you think? Any better ideas for publicly shared space and world infrastructure? We have at least two weeks to decide.

New Outworld

Before I put up our new main world, I’ll be immediately putting up a 1.7 outworld to explore. You can strip mine here, but please please do NOT strip mine mesas or deserts in our new main world. After a couple weeks, I’ll be putting up an amplified terrain outworld! I’m looking forward to seeing that.

Happy Halloween!

25 comments on “State of the Server: Halloween and Minecraft 1.7

  1. fredwaffles

    The giant thoroughfare sounds interesting. Maybe have two. One for east to west and another for north to south.

    While ‘Theta’ is a good choice, I say that we go with ‘Omicron’ for the world name.

    1. PseudoKnight Post author

      Each of the world names has a sort of flavor. Omicron sounds like an alien planet — probably because it reminds me of Futurama. Epsilon, Upsilon, Xi, Rho, and Sigma all sound like alien planets. The first thing that comes to mind when I hear “Theta” is “theta radiation” from Star Trek.

      I was looking at the symbols for our worlds, if this helps:
      Α α – Alpha
      Δ δ – Delta
      Γ γ – Gamma
      Θ θ – Theta
      Ο ο – Omicron

      1. Ike2b

        I rather like Lambda, Zeta, or Omega, but Theta is alright as well. Also. with the symbols you’ve reminded me that you can include symbols and such on signs in the new update, so that may be helpful with shortening world names.

    1. PseudoKnight Post author

      There is some speculation that due to rewriting of the network code (and possibly other key components) of Minecraft that this update will take longer than normal. So adjust your expectations.

    2. PseudoKnight Post author

      Just heard about a bug where exiting a Minecart or other vehicle will teleport you to a location regardless if there’s lava there or air below you. This may cause a 1.7.3 release, delaying Craftbukkit. However, if CB does get a 1.7.2 release, I can actually work around this problem.

    3. PseudoKnight Post author

      We just hit Nov 5th, which was my initial prediction. I suppose the theories of the massive networking changes slowing down its development were true. Until we have a development build, you can expect 1.7.2 to be at least 3 days away. That is a sufficient buffer for plugins to update, craftbukkit to fix game breaking bugs, and for me to test our specific configuration on 1.7.

    4. PseudoKnight Post author

      Bad news on the bukkit front. It seems there are some issues with Minecraft that the Bukkit team either can’t or haven’t been able to address. So while a dev build might come soon, it won’t be as stable as one would expect. We’ll have to wait and see if anyone offers a solution or if Mojang issues a fix, if possible.

    5. PseudoKnight Post author

      This is actually an issue across the whole Minecraft modding ecosystem. It’s taking everyone a long time to sort out the massive changes. As of this moment, there are NO mods that support 1.7.2.

    1. fredwaffles

      A subway system would be possible, but most people prefer an above ground transport system since it allows them to see other peoples creations. My understanding of the thoroughfare is that it will mostly be on the surface so that it is easy for players on horses to get on and off of it.

      I think that floating rails are fine if they are done correctly. People tend to just make one block wide railways that just stretch on forever; which does detract from the rest of the scenery. But, if they are constructed as nice bridges I think they look fine.

  2. Kathumandu

    Well if we need help building a rail system, Id be more then willing. I have some experience building em long distance (I think actually the longest on the server, from Spawn to Infuryo’s greenhouse, both above and below ground) I agree above the ground is far far easier to build due to oceans, which make you go much lower then I would usually use, as well as having to make “Subway Stations” That while interesting and kinda novel, would be somewhat of a pain… Who knows, any preferences?

    Either way, I cant wait to explore the new world, and especially the amplified one. Those are really interesting, and it will be awesome to see where people go with them and how they adapt.

  3. Kathumandu

    Oh, and on the topic of a central city, I want to throw it out there that we need something that is not so generic ‘Murica city. Perhaps an Egyptian themed main ville, or Asian. Perhaps greek or Middle eastern?

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