Easter Egg Week Ends April 1st

For those unaware, this week you can hunt spawn eggs on the outworld in grassy areas. While you’ll find some laying on the ground and some in the hands of zombies, the dangerously cute bunny-creepers can hold a few of them. Each hit with a sword or arrow has a good chance of dropping a spawn egg. April 1st will be your last chance to get some. Early on April 2nd, I’ll be disabling the Easter scripts and creating a new outworld. (Froggerooh defeated the enderdragon!) The upcoming outworld will be all nether, so it’ll be a great opportunity to find some nether quartz ore.

For those with spawn eggs, don’t forget that you can actually name them in an anvil. So when you spawn that creature, it’ll have the name you gave the egg. This is a new 1.5 feature.

To those without spawn eggs after April 1st, they can be sold in shops or traded. I know us moderators will probably put some of ours in the coin shop.

4 comments on “Easter Egg Week Ends April 1st

  1. PseudoKnight Post author

    I heard there’s some pretty cool areas in the outworld. Screenshots?

    BTW, I always backup the outworld before I delete it from the server.

    1. PseudoKnight Post author

      I never said you get them from grass. Unlike last year, they’re laying in grassy areas, are picked up by zombies, and you can get many from bunny-creepers.

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