Building Contest

Update: Congratulations Frostwars! His angler fish will be making appearances in Frog Park Shortly. Runner up was TrulyAnnoying.

asdialed is hosting a building contest!

Update: You can get to the contest area using: /warp buildcontest
If you would like to enter you can leave a comment or contact Nefyoni / asdialed and we’ll set up a bowl for you to use for a day.

We need fish for our water in Frog Park.
So, in Dev we have some spots available for you if you wish to try your hand at making a fish design within the borders of the tank (it will make sense when you see it). Winner will get to see their fish design in the water in Frog Park and maybe some coins too!

Some rules:
You get a day after the lot is assigned to you to finish your fish.
You have to work alone.
Do not use lava.
Everyone who enters may get a raw fish.

Some notes:
asdialed can change rules at any time.
asdialed will be judge along with myself & froggerooh (experience with aquatic creatures)

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