New Outworld – L14-005


So, it took a while, but I finally got to the new outworld. I originally wanted to make a Christmas themed world, but I decided to focus on the PVP script and other goodies. It was worth it, but now we should be back on schedule.

This outworld is not as large as the previous ones, so don’t bother looking for a stronghold, as you probably won’t be able to find one within the border. As such, there’s no End… but there will be an end. On a similar note, nether portals won’t work in this outworld either, but there IS glowstone! The standard rules apply: you can’t teleport in/out, it’s on hard difficulty, don’t build or leave anything there you want to keep, and use “/warp supergate” to get there.

Nef and I even made a new themed super gate!

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