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  1. PseudoKnight Post author

    I was completely surprised how many people made presents in such a short time. I only wish I could give everyone a present. So, for a short time, I put a Christmas chest at Frog Park where everyone can get 50 coins. I even uploaded a texture-pack for the server that has the Christmas chests from 1.4.6.

    Wanting to do more, I finally put a bunch of time into writing the PVP script I’ve been talking about. It’s working, and I’m adding to it. It allows players to create arenas and have automation for the rules. I’ve already setup one arena using froggerooh’s new ship, and I successfully tested it with Nefyoni. 🙂

    I hope everyone is having a fun holiday. I know I did, because my family is amazing and somehow puts up with me. 😛

    1. Nefyoni

      Yes we PVPed a bit with Truly & Fred. Tried to get Sonickid as well, and he successfully joined but was not teleported because he was not in the park. But it is still fun and thank you for doing it.

      Merry Christmas, PK.

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