Outworld: P14-004

We’re now connected to a pure vanilla outworld for the new Minecraft version. (no mineral veins, cities, etc.) One thing I’m trying this time around is a live map for the outworld, but flat and only for areas people have explored. (ie. placed/broken blocks) There’s also the proper nether and end. There’s not many new terrain features in 1.4, but this is a tradition you can expect to continue for each new version.

Don’t know what an outworld is? Every couple weeks I put up a temporary world designed for adventurers, with fresh resources and unique features. They’re always on hard difficulty. You can’t teleport in or out of them except through the super stargate outside Final City. (/warp supergate) And almost every outworld is unique to the one’s before it, sometimes featuring different terrain, ore distribution, and/or structures. Because they’re temporary, you’re encouraged not to build or store anything in the world that you don’t want to keep.

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  1. PseudoKnight Post author

    I ALWAYS put the Stargate directly on the world’s spawn. So if you look at the light in the hole there, you can see where spawn is. 😀

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