Outworld: C13-003

“We’ve established a connection with another world. After scouting the surrounding terrain, we were excited to discover some advanced cities! However, on closer inspection, it looks like it they were abandoned in a hurry… and for good reason. The cities are infested. Salvage and looting teams should use extreme caution. As for miners, there’s some large veins here, but less dense than P13-002.”

As with all outworlds (often called “resource worlds” or “temporary worlds”) this world is temporary. Please do not build or store anything here you do not wish to keep as it will be removed later. All unlocked chests are up for grabs in the outworlds. You cannot teleport in or out, except through the Stargate. This is designed to give a challenge and adventure for those seeking it, in addition to renewing finite resources for gathering.

I generated this world with two plugins (CityWorlds, MineralVein), but this is the first time I’ve done some additions by hand to improve the experience. I hope you guys like it, but I realize not every world will appeal to everyone. In fact, this one might be a dud depending on how the difficulty plays out (no time for playtesting and all that). But let me know which unique features you like of each world so that I’m more likely to use them again. 🙂

5 comments on “Outworld: C13-003

  1. BLTonRye

    enjoying this outworld, it’s a good one for exploring, getting loot. but it seems to be a bit cpu intensive, particularly the nether. of the four visits i’ve made, between the lagging and the game crashing/booting me off i’m amazed i haven’t died in there.

    anyway, maybe it’s just me. i am still using an old xp machine 😛 but other than that i like it ^_^

    1. PseudoKnight Post author

      I wonder if it’s because you’re using 32-bit Java, which is notoriously less stable in Minecraft. Not much you can do with XP though. Glad you like it otherwise.

  2. fredwaffles

    I like this outworld, particularly the MineralVeins. It made it harder to find minerals, but when you did you would get a lot. Plus gold mineral veins had silverfish blocks inside them, which made it interesting to mine them – I assume that diamond veins would also have this feature, but I never found any 🙁

    1. PseudoKnight Post author

      Yes, I inserted silverfish blocks in the diamond and gold veins to make them a bit more challenging (given that Minecraft is can get pretty easy once you’re equipped) without reducing the great feeling of finding a large vein. People seem to like the large veins and I’m getting a better sense on how to balance them. I don’t think I’ll have them in the next world (going vanilla next for 1.4), but I’ll be sure to use it in the ones after that if people approve.

  3. TrulyAnnoying

    Here is what I liked:
    I really liked the mineral veins. Made mining even more exciting, and rewarding. It was also fun to hear fredwaffles squeal when he found his first silverfish…though I squeal every time…..

    I also really like the large cities it generated. They were fun to explore, almost like going to through ruins. Also fun to see the different materials that were used, and how things were designed. They also provided a lot of resources that helped us get a house built quicker than it would have other wise.

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