“I’ve successfully connected to another planet system, which I’ve designated P13. The first world, P13-001, seems to be remarkably similar to Gamma in our system. The presence of old civilizations are more pronounced, though, with a few ancient temples scattered about. There’s even villagers of the same species! Could this be the cradle of their civilization? I’ve further discovered that this world too connects to the Nether dimension. Perhaps they spread throughout the galaxy through those long and dark passages. In any case, this world and its nether offer vast untapped resources. What discoveries remain around the corner in other parts of this system, I wonder? Due to the difficulty in engaging a connection with another world that far away, I’ve chosen to leave it connected to P13-001 until we’ve explored its reaches, including the nebulous End dimension. I speculate that there lies a few hidden underground strongholds with end portals, much like in Gamma.”

As some may have already found, we now have access to what may be considered resource or temporary worlds. You can get there using the super Stargate just west (old west) of Final City. In practice, they’ll be used for materials that get grabbed up quick in our main worlds, like glowstone. But it also has the benefit of seeing some short term changes to the world generation that don’t warrant a whole new main world. With Minecraft 1.3 this includes jungle and desert temples. I’ll keep this world and its nether/end dimensions up until we defeat the enderdragon, at which point I’ll work on replacing it with a new and different world. I hope to have unique settings for each new world, but this one is pretty vanilla. You should know that you cannot teleport in it. So you’ll have to make your way back to the Stargate, of which you can’t make more. It’s also on the hard difficulty, so be careful!

As a side benefit of this, I’m going to make our current End permanent so that people can build there.

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  1. PseudoKnight Post author

    Same inventory as the main worlds, though later worlds may have a separate inventory as part of its unique characteristics. (my intention is to express what’s different every time) And yes, enderchests work so you could always secure your valuables in there just in case you die.

  2. PseudoKnight Post author

    Has anybody checked out the nether yet? I think I went there first and ended right next to a giant nether fortress. It’s pretty cool. I got a couple stacks of glowstone out of the trip.

  3. voyager1713

    Few questions:
    Will there be multiple temp worlds accessible at one time, or is it one world at a time?
    Will there be some warning when the gate is going to change to a new world/current temp world is about to be deleted?

    I like this idea! Gives the server a way of seeing the new stuff from the updates without having to alter any of the main worlds. Also makes it that it rare materials can be still be found when the main worlds become depleted.

  4. PseudoKnight Post author

    One world at a time. (unless you count the other dimensions as worlds) I don’t see any value to having multiple worlds accessible at once and it puts extra load on the server. It’s not out of the question, but it’s not planned.

    It will be switched over some time after the ender dragon is defeated. I don’t think a warning is necessary. If a person is in there when it gets removed, they appear in Alpha with all their proper inventory.

    If you have an idea for a twist on an outworld (ie. unique characteristic and/or settings) then I’d love to hear some. I already have a few in mind already.

  5. G_Oakmen

    I do like the idea of these outworlds, I’ve used the nether here myself to obtain some glowstone a commodity which I’d previously had barely any of.

    How precisely are the outworlds loaded though? Is it a seed and it generates as explored or is it a pre loaded world save?

    1. PseudoKnight Post author

      It’s a random seed generated on world creation. I thought about using specifically named seeds, but I abandoned that idea along with choosing a seed for how it generated the world. I could never decide on a seed after looking through over a couple dozen of them.

      After the world is created, I generate the terrain out to the world border while there isn’t many people online. This helps performance in the long run as it won’t have to dynamically generate large chunks of new terrain as people explore.

  6. voyager1713

    Few twist off the top of my head:
    Lava World
    Water World
    Floating Island World
    “OMG what is that, it’s coming right for me and has big teeth!” World
    OOH, a world where everything but the ores is obsidian….

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