Pit Frenzy 1v1 Tournament Sign-Ups

On the weekend of May 25-27th, we’re hosting a Pit Frenzy tournament for anyone who wants to play. It’ll be a double elimination bracket in a best-of-three format with prizes throughout. However, the grand prize will also include one FREE GAME from a choice of five games provided by CoderJ! If you’re interested, just comment on this post using your Minecraft username.

More Details

  • Site registration for sign-ups is not necessary, but it is encouraged.
  • Match times will be elastic as needed, but we’ll be gathering at 4-8pm PDT on those days to get through as many matches as we can. It’s possible matches will be run before and after the weekend.
  • Once matches are determined, and you have a schedule conflict, you can elect to coordinate a specific time to finish your match with your opponent. Forfeitures may occur if you hold up the rest of the tournament for too long, but we’ll try our best to let everyone play.
  • The finals will be a best-of-five.
  • All prizes aren’t finalized, but will be in the form gold, diamonds, and/or coins determined by rounds/matches won at certain levels of the bracket.
  • Sign-ups end soon! I’ll probably cut them off when they hit 16 players.
  • Earlier sign-ups are favored in bracket placements!
  • Currently available game choices for the grand prize winner include: Portal 2, Sanctum, Shoot Many Robots (Rated M), Anomaly: Warzone Earth, and The Ship. (all require a Steam account)

To get to the Pit Frenzy arena on our server, you can go to the Entertain Stargate network in the events corner of Final City. Make sure not to bring anything with you, as your inventory will be cleared. You can type “/pitfrenzy 1” to clear your inventory and teleport directly to arena #1.

If you don’t know what Pit Frenzy is at all, here’s a introduction video by the creator of the mini-game, Seth Bling.

* Tournament in progress *

16 comments on “Pit Frenzy 1v1 Tournament Sign-Ups

  1. jaysoncopes

    Just wondering, but do we have infinite numbers of items in the dispensers? Because the way he said that it runs out after a while, it sounds like you could just set up the dispensers to have infinite items (give [player] [item] -1)

  2. PseudoKnight Post author

    If you can’t make it at all times, that’s okay! As long as you don’t hold up the rest of the tournament for too long, we’ll work around people’s schedules. If you can’t make it on Friday, just show up on time (or early) Saturday. I’ll be posting some of the “for sure” winner-bracket round-of-16 matches soon and you’ll be able to start playing against your opponent. The 4-8pm PDT times are scheduled only so people can better coordinate. If no matches can be played at that time, people can practice.

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